Sunday, January 6, 2013


Things I know...

I'm not ready for the real world to begin again tomorrow.
I am my own worst critic.
I would choose sleep over nearly anything else in the entire world.
    I use sleep to escape and hide.
When you have 3 girls, one usually feels left out.
Breaking Bad is a brilliant show.
    It's not all about meth and gore and violence.
    It's human drama under the microscope.
I miss BC.
     I miss the simplicity of my life and the warm acceptance of all of me.
I let people down a lot.
I think I'd be happy hibernating.

Things I hope for ...

A job that's not subbing.
A job that I could balance and manage.
A job that I'd feel born to do.
The kind of job I dream about in my head.
True and deep friendships for all of my girls.   Circles of them.

Things I wonder about ...

Why do some people seem to have it all?
Why are easy things so hard for me?
Would life feel easier if I had a bigger house with a mud room and a garage?
Will I ever feel like I fit?
Am I meant to fit?
Is "fitting" overrated?
Am I messing up my kids?
Why don't I want to go to church?

Things I like ...

Fuzzy blankets.
Stacks of books on my bedside table waiting to be read.
Old friends.
Hearing my girls belly laughing.
Not pretending.
Crossing things off a list.
Five Guys Burgers.
Dan Mangan.
Listening to Ellie and Sasha play Playmobil for hours on end.
Sharp pencils.
Black fineliners.
Feeling free.

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