Sunday, January 20, 2013

13 Years Requires a Party

So, we had a party for Hannah on Saturday.  It was fun.  I like her friends.  I think they like me.  I think the fact that this next picture from the party appears as though I think I'm "one" of them kind of says it all.  Thankfully Hannah is laughing in this picture.  Usually she'd be saying something like, "Mom, get out of here, you're so embarrassing." 

In my head I'm still 13 and I just want to be accepted, OK?

We started the ball rolling by having the girls paint a canvass they were going to use to create something that told a bit of a story of who they are.

They're all pretty beautiful.  I hope they got that part.

While the canvasses were drying, Hannah opened her gifts.   Her friends picked things that told me that they know her.  That's pretty neat.

Part of the "gift" they brought was a favorite quote they would share with Hannah on a piece of paper.  I  thought it would be special if they'd read their quote before she opened their gift.  They all indulged me.  Their chosen words were thoughtful and laced with inspiration and goodness.

Have I mentioned how happy I am that one of my kids is of the age in which birthday party food doesn't have to consist of pizza, hotdogs, cheezies, and ketchup chips?   Nothing against all of those things.  It's just that it's been a few years of sweeping up cheezie crumbs off the floor.  I loved the way these girls dug in and got excited about food just the way I did with my friends all those years ago. 

Hannah's birthday tree had 13 gifts she gives us written on little pieces of paper.  
It was easy to think of them.

After fueling up it was time to rip and tear and snip.  And yes, Mod Podge was involved.  Doesn't every good party involve Mod Podge?  Well, it should.

While the Mod Podge dried the lights went low and the chocolate fondue was served.  
Birthday cake is for kids!

There is no better way to end a party than a rousing game of Dutch Blitz.
No friendships were harmed and no blood drawn in the playing of this game.

See?  They're still friends.

I am grateful that Hannah has girls in her life that are coming to know her.  Girls that build each other up and help to draw her out.  Becoming a teenager marks the start of some interesting chapters.

She's going to need them.


  1. Well done Momma. It looks like it was a meaningful and fun and perfect way to celebrate. I love how full of joy all the faces in the second last picture look. And I do really love Hannah's face on the first picture. She truly adores you. Love it.

  2. Couldn't have done it without your table, chairs, and fondue pot!! You're always in the right place at the right time! I should try catching a "look" on Hannah when she's not feeling quite so loving towards me and put that on here! Then you'd really smile!!

  3. 1. You put my party to shame!
    2. Can I come next time? That food looks delish!
    3. That first picture is the best picture ever in the history of pictures. What I wouldn't give to hear what you're saying to a group of 13-year old girls.