Friday, January 25, 2013


I'm married to an old man.
A 40 year old now lies beside me and holds my hand.

I like 40 - even if Mike isn't crazy about it.
     40 means chapters instead of pages.
     Steps and layers and substance.
     History, knowing glances and even some "remember when"...

In the last year or so Mike has been known to complain a little of his "older body".
It aches and hurts and doesn't cooperate with his plans and goals.
I always say, Be glad you're getting older.  Just look at what the alternative is.
And it's true.
The getting older part is a great gift, and he knows it.

We know it too.
We sat around the dining room table tonight - Mike and his girls - and we raised our glasses and toasted to the old guy.  It was satisfying and sweet.  Just like birthday dinners should be.

During the meal we read off our list of 40 things about Mike we really love.
Here's just a sample....

"You're good at making our stuffies dance."
"If it wasn't for you, we wouldn't always have chocolate milk in the fridge."
"You helped me write my sax solo."
"You introduce me to cool music."
"You're really good at folding laundry."
"We love having fun with you in swimming pools."
"You're good at putting Playmobil together."
"You don't care if I wear lots of make-up or any make-up at all."
"You take the bus or bike so that we can have the van."

Pretty ordinary stuff, really.
But that's where the treasure lies, doesn't it?  In the ordinary?
     In the laundry and grumbles and floor covered with crumbs.
     When the alarm clock rings and supper is late and we're out of milk again.
     In the speeding tickets and cracked bumpers and practicing violin.

I like doing the ordinary with Mike.
He's constant, dependable and solid.
He's a problem solver, a peace giver, and a steady stream.

There's a Stephen Hawking quote I read recently that immediately made me think of Mike...

                                  "Quiet people have the loudest minds."

It's true.  His mind is loud and full and vivid.
And when he speaks it's best to listen because what he says is thoughtful, contemplative and sincere.  Just like him.

So, I like 40.
I think I'll like 50, 60, and hopefully 70 too.
Just more chapters to read in a book I've grown to love.

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  1. I love this outlook. Perfectly said. I also love the quote.. makes me understand and appreciate my stallion... those with loud minds make the best companions.