Sunday, December 15, 2013

Party Like You're 13 (Instead of 39)

I got to go to a party tonight.  Just me.

Everyone else was busy and they weren't really invited anyway.  

Here's the funny part: 
The birthday boy is in grade 8 and is a friend of Hannah's.  
I'm a mom and I'm old.  
AND I got invited!

I sometimes wonder if people who don't know me (and some who do) think it's creepy that I enjoy good relationships with kids Hannah's age.  Maybe it does look strange.  I like fist-bumping and high fiving in the hallway at school.   Sometimes I even have a little entourage of boys come looking for me at the end of the day to have a little chat and share a laugh.  That makes me happy.

It makes me happy because I want to share positive relationship with my kid's friends.  I want them to know they have lots of cheerleaders and safe places in the adults around them.  I want them to believe that they are worth talking to, even if they're "only kids".   I want them to tell me funny stories, and I'm tickled that they might want to listen to some of mine.   I want to know them because I want to know more of Hannah, and they share more of her life with her than I do.   I want them to know they are valuable and significant and LIKEABLE - (even by old moms like me).

I got to celebrate a great kid's birthday tonight.  
He makes people laugh and his eyes sparkle as he draws them in.
My eyes sparkled when I got invited.
I'm glad we're friends.

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  1. I love this Karla. And it is totally why I teach gr. 8. :)