Thursday, June 27, 2013

Soul Food

Nourishment for the soul.
(That's what I'd call it.)
A safe place to rest awhile.
Their kitchen table and old friends.
Their kids, my kids, and food passed around.

My old friend - he makes my girl laugh like no one else does.
Inappropriate words tumble out - the ones he says best -
Just to get a laugh.
And laugh she does -
Until tears stream down her cheeks and she just. can't. stop.
Food for her soul.
(That's what I'd call it.)

"You're so beautiful"
My old friend says to my middle one.
"You're so smart too and that's important.
But you are beautiful."
And as she hears the words, her eyes shine as the corners of her lips turn up.
She sees me, she thinks.
Affirmation for the soul.
(That's what I'd call it.)

They laugh and run and ride some bikes.
Telling secrets and making plans.
"Truest friends", they say.
8 and 9 and full of life.
Making mischief with a water hose.
Dirty feet with smiles so wide.
Freedom for the soul.
(That's what I'd call it.)

I've loved him forever.
Little boy who is growing strong.
Finished grade 5 now.
Facing fears while passions grow.
He's too old for hugs.
Especially hugs for friends who are old.
Friends like me.
But tonight as my arms wrap around him,
And his around mine -
Even as he makes a face,
He squeezes me back as I squeeze him.
I stroke his cheek.
Nourishment for all of me.
(That's what I'd call it.)

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