Sunday, May 12, 2013

If I Wasn't A Mom....

- I wouldn't know that you can go nights on end with little to no sleep and still be able to function.
- I wouldn't know my way around every nook and cranny of the Children's section of the Louis Riel Library.
- I wouldn't know I had the capacity to make loud guttural yells that could wake a neighborhood.
- I wouldn't have as much practice as I've had saying sorry.
- I wouldn't know how quickly and completely your kids forgive you.
- I wouldn't have beautiful long hair to braid.
- I wouldn't be able to catch myself in someone else's face and smile for just a moment.
- I wouldn't have the perfect excuse reason to avoid social situations when I feel like I just can't do it.
- I wouldn't be going to see Taylor Swift this summer.
- I wouldn't know nearly every word to every song Raffi ever wrote.
- I wouldn't know the smell of grass and sweat and tears and toothpaste all rolled into one.
- I wouldn't know the juxtaposition of sadness and joy over watching someone grow.
- I wouldn't have an audience whenever I need one.
- I wouldn't know how much sorrow you can feel when you see someone hurting.
- I'd have more time for myself.
- I'd probably feel like something was missing.
- I'd eat less Nutella.
- I wouldn't lie in bed at night wondering how badly I'm screwing up.
- I wouldn't know fear the same way I do now.
- I'd do way less laundry.
- I wouldn't have anyone to play Playmobil with.
- I wouldn't know that a little body fits perfectly beside yours.
- I wouldn't believe you could love three completely different people exactly the same.
- I wouldn't have my buttons pushed as often.
- I wouldn't be driving a van.
- I would miss being the witness to seeing the most amazing growth happen.
- I'd wonder what I was born to do.

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