Monday, February 11, 2013

Rambling Round-Up (Florida Edition, Vol. 2)

The sun has been shining since we got here.  

The temperature has been unseasonably hot.  That's been a very good thing!  For the past few days, it's been in the low to mid 80's.  Right after we leave, it's supposed to go back down to normal, which is the mid to high 60's.  The timing is perfect.

I think I may want to be buried on a bed of PF Chang's Chicken Lettuce Wraps and covered up with Mongolian Beef.

We said goodbye to the Reimer's last night.  It was bitter sweet.  Sweet, because we had the most amazing week together.  I am so thankful for the gift of that time together.  Bitter, because it's always sad to say goodbye.  We don't know when we'll see each other again, and it's hard to know that their kids will grow up a little more and we'll miss it.

I convinced Pierce to kiss me on the cheek yesterday.  It was pretty awesome.

I love going to bed at night now thinking about the crazy schedule that usually awaits me.

We spent the day and evening at Cocoa Beach.  It was hot, sunny, and beautiful.  Cocoa Beach is a crazy retro-like beach town.  A multitude of Tiki Bars abound.  The girls played in the waves and the sand.  I was serious about my job of people watching.

I should have paid more attention to the girl's sizzling skin than to all of the people I was watching.

There was a group of Amish people on the beach today.  At least I assume they were Amish.  It was really interesting to watch the women of the group in their long dresses, aprons, shoes,  and white bonnets wandering around the sand picking up shells and looking out to the sea.  Alongside them were their husbands or fathers in their swimming trunks and bare backs getting into the water.  I could write about that for pages.

I wonder if there is a double standard in the world of obesity between men and women.

A local suggested a Tiki Bar and grill called, "Grills" for supper tonight.  Fish Tacos and my first Miami Vice of the trip.  Ridiculous.

Against my better judgement I went on "Expedition Everest" at Animal Kingdom.  Ellie and I both didn't really want to go on it.  We're cut from the same cloth.  We were convinced it would be fine.  I hated every single minute of it.  But I did it, and damn, I'm proud.  After a day of recovery, Ellie and I both went on "Big Thunder Mountain" at Magic Kingdom.  I didn't like that one either.  But it wasn't nearly as traumatic as Everest.  I know, I know.... there are way more hard-core coasters than Everest.  But if you know me, you know the fact that I went on that one is nothing short of a miracle.

The fireworks at Disney really are pretty spectacular.

We had one meal at Disney at the Japanese steakhouse at Disney.  The kids all loved watching the food be prepared.  Cohen loved watching it so much that he tumbled off of his chair and smashed his forehead on the granite table requiring an ice pack.  The adventures at Disney abound.

Our days by the pool were the absolute best days here.

Ping Pong.  I need to come clean.   After Shawn went out and bought professional grade racquet's, the game changed.  The Reimer's may have beat us at Doubles quite a few times.  It was both shocking and humbling. But Singles is a different story.   Tan could not beat me.  I stand victorious.

We're on the home stretch.  Real life is waiting in the wings.   We need to make the most out of our last two remaining days.

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